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Cobblestone crushing station
Introduction to Cobblestone Crushing

As a kind of pure natural stone, cobblestone is taken from the sand and gravel hills produced by the uplift of the ancient riverbed after the crustal movement thousands of years ago. It has experienced the impact of mountain torrents and the continuous squeezing and friction during the process of moving water. The main chemical component is silicon dioxide, followed by a small amount of iron oxide and trace elements and compounds such as manganese, copper, aluminum, and magnesium. It is non-toxic, tasteless and does not decolorize. The quality is hard, the color is bright and simple, and it has the characteristics of compressive, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant natural stone. It is an ideal green building material.

Cobblestone processing process

The processing of pebbles usually needs to go through the steps of coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing sand making and sand washing.
Specific process: The pebbles are evenly fed into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed pebbles are sent to the cone crusher by the conveyor for medium crushing, and the medium crushed pebbles are processed by the vibrating screen. After screening, the materials that meet the requirements are sent to the sand making machine for fine crushing and sand making, and the materials that do not meet the requirements are returned to the cone crusher to continue crushing. The pebble sand that has been finely crushed and shaped by the sand making machine is cleaned and desilted in the sand washing machine. The cleaned pebble sand is the finished sand we want to get.

Production advantage
1.The entire sand production line is reasonably and compactly matched, and the equipment is well connected and interlocked. It can realize automatic production and processing without manual assistance, with high efficiency and large output.
2. The processed finished materials are cube-shaped, with low needle-flake content, no internal cracks, and high compressive strength, which can fully meet the needs of high-standard construction sand.
3. Reasonable equipment selection, flexible plan configuration, large processing capacity, reliable quality, wear resistance of wearing parts and long service life.
4.The failure rate, total energy consumption and ultra-low power consumption during operation are relatively low
5.Lower cost investment, faster payback speed, simple operation, safe and reliable.

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