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Granite crusher
Introduction to Granite Crushing

Granite is an intrusive rock among acidic (SiO2>66%) magmatic rocks, mostly light flesh red, light gray, and off-white. Medium-coarse, fine-grained structure, block structure. There are also patchy structures, spherical structures, and gneiss-like structures. The main components are feldspar and quartz. Granite's unique physical properties and its beautiful patterns make it a good material for construction. In addition to building decoration projects and hall floors, it can also be used for outdoor carving.

Granite processing technology
The processing of granite usually requires the steps of coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and sand washing.
The specific process: the vibrating feeder evenly sends the granite into the jaw crusher for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed granite is transported by the conveyor to the cone crusher for medium crushing, and the medium crushed granite is processed by the vibrating screen. After screening, the materials that meet the requirements are sent to the sand making machine for fine crushing and sand making, and the materials that do not meet the requirements are returned to the cone crusher to continue crushing. In the sand making machine, the granite sand finely crushed and formed by the sand making machine is cleaned and sand removed. The cleaned granite sand is the finished sand we want to get.

Production advantage
1. Stable production operation
2. High production efficiency and short recovery period
3. Low investment risk

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